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When residents of Ocala, FL, need a plumber they can count on for expertise at an affordable price, Root Scooter Plumbing is the company they choose. As a family-owned and operated business for over 30 years, this team of licensed plumbers has the hands-on experience to quickly locate and repair even the most challenging Ocala plumbing problems at a fair and reasonable price.

Call us 24/7 at 352-580-6881 for all your plumbing emergencies, from a hidden water leak to a clogged or damaged sewer line. Our pros offer a free phone estimate and bring over five decades of combined experience to every job.

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We provide a wide range of residential and commercial plumbing services.

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Our team of licensed plumbers proudly serve Ocala, FL and the surrounding communities.

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Our customers continue to have a smile and enjoy our service. They show their appreciation by rewarding us with 5 star service reviews!

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Please never subject your home’s drain lines to caustic chemical liquids that claim to provide cleaning and clog removal. The only drain-safe solution to a clogged drain or smelly residue buildup is a professional drain cleaning from the experienced team at Root Scooter Plumbing. Our pros use a powerful water jet from our hydro-jet to scrub away sticky residue and blast away clogs. There are never any chemicals used that can damage pipes and create noxious fumes.
While your water heater has only one job, it can display several other issues besides a failure to heat water. So if you see sediment or particulates in your hot water or it has an odd odor, you need to call 352-580-6881 for expert water heater service or a repair. Our Ocala plumbers will evaluate the problem and provide you with cost-effective solutions to have piping hot, pure hot water free of bacteria or other potentially hazardous contamination.
The thought of a hidden water leak in your home can motivate you to take some pretty aggressive steps to find and repair it. However, once the leak is located and eliminated, you find yourself left with massive damage to your home’s walls and floors. The better solution is a call to 352-580-6881 for professional, non-invasive leak detection from the seasoned professionals at Root Scooter Plumbing. Our experts have years of experience using sound amplification tools, moisture sensors, and pressure testing to locate even the most challenging hidden leaks in walls and floors or under concrete foundations. And provide quality repairs at affordable prices.

Few things strike fear into a homeowner’s heart, like a toilet that will not flush. So you can only imagine the increased stress level when no drains in your home are functioning. This severe issue is a sign of a sewer line issue. And it could result in a flood of raw sewage in your home or yard. The team at Root Scooter Plumbing has years of experience locating and eliminating all types of sewer line clogs and damage. Call 352-580-6881 for 24/7 emergency sewer line service at a fair price.

The plumbing at your commercial property is sure to be far more complex than the typical residential system. So when you have a plumbing problem or need assistance with maintenance, you want a commercial plumbing expert you can depend on for quality workmanship and skills. For over 30 years, the commercial community in Ocala has been entrusting their plumbing services to family-owned and operated Root Scooter Plumbing. Our family is dedicated to providing high-quality plumbing services and fair prices to our fellow business owners in the region.
When you have a plumbing emergency at your home or business, the last thing you have time to do is make dozens of calls to find a reputable and responsive plumber. For over 33 years, the experts at Root Scooter Plumbing have been taking calls 24/7 from community members who need fast and dependable plumbing services at fair and honest prices. So when you call 352-580-6881, you can count on the highest level of professionalism and plumbing service at prices that will not break your household budget. And we back the work of our licensed Ocala plumbers with the best comprehensive warranty in the business.

Need Plumbing Services?

Call today for an over the phone estimate with one of our experts!