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Ocala Leak Detection

The thought of water leaking somewhere in your home is upsetting enough as you think about all the mementos and items that could be destroyed. But in the Ocala area, homeowners are equally concerned about potential mold contamination caused by added water in our mild climate. So if you even think you might have a plumbing leak in Ocala, call the experts at Root Scooter Plumbing. With over 50 years of combined experience, this family-owned and operated full-service plumbing company specializes in Ocala leak detection services. Call us at 352-580-6881 to schedule an appointment or request an over-the-phone free price estimate for leak detection or any of our expert services.

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What Is a Concealed Or Covert Water Leak

All water leaks or leaky pipes in Ocala are grouped into two categories. There are the overt leaks, the ones you can see that are easy to locate and repair. Then there are the more challenging and potentially hazardous leaks hidden in the walls, floors, or even under your home. These leaks hold the potential to do the most damage because they are harder for you to notice. So all Ocala residents must know the signs of hidden leaks in their home, such as:
When you notice any of these indications of a hidden water leak in your home, it is crucial that you call 352-580-6881 immediately. The experts at Root Scooter Plumbing have years of expertise locating even the most well-concealed water leaks and providing cost-effective repair solutions.

The Professional Approach To Ocala Leak Detection

Years ago, the only way to locate a hidden water leak was to begin searching and tearing up floors and walls. Fortunately, today’s methods use much more skill and technology to do the job non-invasively. The highly-skilled team at Root Scooter Plumbing uses pressure testing, moisture sensors, thermal imaging, and sound amplification tools to locate leaks concealed in the wall or floors of your home or even under the slab foundation. Once the leak is located, our team will provide you with all your repair options to ensure that the one selected meets your needs and budget.

For over three decades, our family has been helping other families in the community with their plumbing needs, from installing new fixtures to locating a water leak before it creates thousands of dollars in water damage and mold contamination. We understand your worry and concern for the safety of your home and loved ones. So please rest assured that we will use all of our expertise and decades of experience to quickly provide you with solutions when there is a water leak lurking in your Ocala home. Just call 352-580-6881 and know that help is on the way from the family of licensed plumbers at Root Scooter Plumbing.