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Sewer Lines In Ocala, FL

Few homeowners ever think about the valuable service provided by their home’s sewer line until there is an issue. However, they frantically search for a reliable plumber for sewer line repair in Ocala once there is a problem. The company most recommended is Root Scooter Plumbing, with over 30 years serving the community and combined experience of over 50 years of hands-on Ocala sewer line repair.

In addition to being experts at sewer line repair and sewer line replacement in Ocala, Root Scooter Plumbing is known for honest evaluations, cost-effective solutions, and the most professional staff of licensed plumbers in the region. So when you have a sewer line issue at your home, call 352-580-6881 for a free price estimate over the phone for quality sewer line solutions.

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Why A Sewer Line Fails

It is easy to forget that sewer pipe buried in your yard transporting dirty water and waste. However, when that nasty mess begins to back up into your home or flood your yard, you wonder why. In most cases, any sewer line issue can be traced back to one of three culprits, including:

The problem could be related to the age and integrity of the pipe. As the line gets older, it becomes brittle and can crack, allowing water and waste to seep out and invasive roots to infiltrate the pipe. Soon, the roots create a massive clog thanks to the water and natural fertilizer in the human waste. And you are left with a sewer line that is not functioning and possibly a stinky mess in your yard.

Physical damage to the pipe is also possible if you were digging in the yard. In addition, shifting soil during a hard freeze and thaw or seismic activity could move the ground enough to damage the pipe. No matter the cause, the result is clogs and leaks.

Finally, a blockage can be due to pipe damage and root growth or something being flushed that is not meant to find its way into a sewer line. For example, small toys, socks, paper towels, and more will create a clog that will not let the sewage in the pipe complete its journey to the city sewer system.

How Professionals Locate A Sewer Line Issue

At Root Scooter Plumbing, our professionals use tiny cameras to examine the inside of the sewer line for damage or blockages. The images transmitted from the camera provide all the details we need to provide you with cost-effective long-term solutions for a sewer line repair or Ocala sewer line replacement.

Based on the age of the sewer line, the location of the damage, and the extent of the damage, our pros will help you decide when an Ocala sewer line repair is suitable and when it is time for a complete sewer line replacement in Ocala.

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