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Ocala Drain Cleaning

When dealing with a clogged drain in your Ocala home, it can be easy to think that a jug of chemical drain cleaner is all you need to resolve the issue. However, the team of experts at Root Scooter Plumber wants you to know that those products are far from the cost-effective solution you need. So instead, make the wise call to 352-580-6881 for a professional, drain-safe solution from the seasoned experts at Root Scooter Plumbing. With over 50 years of combined experience, our family has been called to repair many costly issues due to the use of harsh chemicals that destroy drain pipes and fill your home with caustic fumes. So we hope you will allow us to provide a safe and cost-effective Ocala drain cleaning solution for your home.

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The Only Safe Solution

Our team has been helping community members with drain clogs in Ocala for over three decades. In that time, we have seen the tremendous impact that technology has had on this aspect of the plumbing industry. The Root Scooter Plumbing drain cleaning experts use the latest technology to locate and remove any blockage in your home’s drains without damaging the pipes or plumbing fixtures.

The process begins by deploying a tiny camera into the drain to locate the blockage and inspect the integrity of the drain line. Once our experts know what is causing the problem and that the drain lines are not cracked or damaged, we use a Hydro-Jet to blast away the clog without damaging your drain lines. The process is fast, effective, and safe for you and your drain lines because there are no harsh chemicals or fumes.

Complete Drain Cleaning

The drain lines in any home see a lot of pretty nasty liquid stuff. From the dirty water in showers and tubs to the food debris from your kitchen sink, they all add to the sticky residue inside your home’s drains. After a while, that residue begins to gather bits of dirt and waste that create an awful odor. So when your drains are getting slow to clear and wafting a foul smell, it is time for a professional drain cleaning from the experts at Root Scooter Plumbing.

Our pros arrive with a Hydro-Jet machine that creates a high-pressure pure water jet to scrub the inside surface of all your drain pipes. This professional cleaning eliminates all the stinky, sticky residue and minor blockages. All the mess and debris is washed away to the city sewer system, and your drains are ready for another year of faithful and trouble-free service.


All Drains: Toilet, Shower, Sinks & Tubs


Whether you prefer spring cleaning or like to wait until fall to prepare for the holidays, be sure to call 352-580-6881 to schedule a professional drain cleaning from the experts at Root Scooter Plumbing. Our team has years of hands-on experience and expertise using the latest technology to clean your drains and remove all the small clogs forming and the residue that will create that sour odor. And you never need to worry about hidden fees or added costs when you work with our family of plumbers.