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Top 3 Signs Your Pipes are Becoming Clogged

When you own or manage a building, the plumbing system is likely complex as it connects to different areas. Unfortunately, this also increases the risk of clogs developing due to the size of the building and the number of people that spend time in it each day. It’s important to be aware of a few common signs that indicate clogs are developing in your building in Ocala, Florida.

1. Unusual Smells and Odors

While washing your hands in the bathroom or rinsing off your fruit in the breakroom, you may smell strong odors coming from the drains. This indicates that waste and debris that are present in the pipes are starting to accumulate as some of the gunk begins to rot and deteriorate. Some of the sewage may also back up from the drain, creating a mess. Pull out the drain plug to try and pull some of the gunk out. You can also hire a professional plumber from a company like Root Scooter Plumbing in Ocala, Florida, which serves Marion County, to use a snake to unclog the drain and remove all of the debris.

2. Slow Draining

You may notice that the water starts to back up and takes several seconds or minutes to go down the drain when you take a shower or drain a tub. Due to the number of mature trees that are present throughout Ocala, Florida, it’s common for tree roots to damaged pipes in the ground. Clogged organic material can also start to affect the flow of the water, which can lead to flooding and significant water damage. Scheduling professional drain cleaning once each year can reduce the risk of clogs developing.

3. Level Changes With Your Toilet Water

Clogs are likely starting to develop in the building if you notice the water level in the toilets starting to change. The water can get high after you flush, or it may be really low several hours later. This is often due to water that is taking a while to completely drain and then refill in the toilet bowl. You may even hear a gurgling noise that becomes louder over time the more this occurs.

Reach out to our team of experts at Root Scooter Plumbing today to learn more about signs that your pipes are starting to become clogged. Our team is here to answer your questions and explain the different types of services we offer to customers in Ocala, Florida.

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