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Hire a Commercial Plumber for Work on a Facility or Building

When it comes to plumbing, it’s imperative that you get things handled correctly. If you don’t, there could be problems with wastewater, issues with flooding, problems with natural gas, and potentially the buildup of mold or mildew. In any setting, these problems are serious, but in a commercial setting, there are many financial and liability ramifications that could arise. For any work done on a facility or building, you’ll need to hire a licensed commercial plumber.

Licensed and Insured

Commercial plumbers in Florida are required to have extensive training, education, and experience in the field. There are many rigorous standards to be met in order to receive a license. Since commercial facilities have many parts to their plumbing systems that are all connected, it’s important that you have someone with expertise and skill handle the work. Additionally, a commercial plumber in Ocala needs to have insurance. That insurance can protect you in the unlikely event that an issue pops up. You won’t have to be on the hook for problems and can instead focus on your business priorities.


Some products come with warranties, but there’s the potential that a warranty can be voided if an appliance is not properly installed. If you do the project yourself or hire a handyman as opposed to a commercial plumber, something might not go right with the installation. Then, a warranty might not be valid. This isn’t a good way to protect your long-term interests.

The Right Tools

At Root Scooter Plumbing, we’re often called by business owners to take care of complex situations. Rather than just looking at one sink or one toilet, for example, we often need to look at several of them. We also install, repair, and service drains, pipes, or water heaters that deal with a lot of water on a daily basis. We have the tools necessary to complete our tasks effectively. We can work on industrial appliances and have specialized equipment needed to diagnose leaks and pinpoint other concerns.

Following the Code

In Ocala, there are many local building codes that plumbing systems need to meet. As a commercial plumber, we keep up with all of that, and we’ll make sure that your facility is safe. We want your buildings to sustain regular wear and tear. Moreover, if there are any big storms that hit our area, we don’t want all of that water to affect any part of your building.

It’s wise to have a licensed commercial plumber deal with your facility or building if you’d like things taken care of in the proper manner and according to local code. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

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