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Row of utility meters outside an old brick apartment complex (shallow focus).

Additional Jobs Plumbers Do That You Never Knew

Plumbers do more than just fix broken and leaky pipes, provide leak detection services, install plumbing fixtures, and unclog and clean out drains. While these are the most common jobs a plumber does, these are not the only ones. There are many interesting jobs a plumber does that most do not even consider.

Maintaining Gas Lines

Plumbing work does not only revolve around working on water pipes and sewer lines. Plumbers also service gas lines. Plumbers check to see that gas lines are working properly to avoid any safety hazards, and they repair and replace gas lines as needed. If your home contains a gas line, and your gas line needs to be serviced, replaced, or repaired, then the plumber is the one for the job. Ocala, FL does have a natural gas utility, so you can also be certain that there are plumbers in this area working on gas lines.

Maintaining Water Quality

In addition to working on pipes, sewer lines, and gas lines, plumbers also work hard to make sure water is of optimal quality. Plumbers will test water to make sure it is free from bacteria and other harmful elements. If the water is found to contain harmful agents, the plumber will work with you to bring your water to a healthy state. If a water filtration system is needed, the plumber will install this for you.

Plumbers also provide solutions to soften water, such as installing water softening systems in homes and commercial buildings. The state of Florida is well known for having hard water, so many engage the help of plumbers to soften their water.

Installing Water Heaters and Other Appliances

If you go to an appliance store and purchase water heaters and other appliances, you do not have to have their technicians install the appliances for you. For a cheaper price, a plumber can install water heaters and your other appliances for you as they are skilled in hooking up appliances and water heaters of all sorts.

Assisting When There Is Flooding

Ocala, FL has some risk for flooding. If your home or commercial building floods, plumbers can assist with cleaning up the water and drying your home with high-powered fans. Plumbers have special equipment that they can use to remove water from flood areas faster than even the best wet-dry vacuum. The plumber will also identify the cause of the flood and make the necessary repairs. If sump pumps are needed, plumbers will install these as well.

If you are contending with any issues with your pipes, need a new appliance installed, or have experienced flooding, contact Root Scooter Plumbing. We promise to provide you with top-quality service and rectify your problems quickly.

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